April 2020 Retreat Rescheduled

Greetings SMQG Quilt Retreaters,
After much discussion and with our overall safety in mind, your SMQG Board has reached a unanimous decision to reschedule our April 2020 retreat to April 15-19, 2021. We grappled with this over the last few weeks, following the Covid-19 news, and being open to alternatives.
This protects us all: ourselves; our family members; our snowbirds, who would miss a
rescheduled date in the fall; our participants from New York; and our Miami attendees.
Dayspring, while hoping that we could have joined them, has agreed to simply move our
deposit to next year. So we will incur no loss of our dollars.

Many thanks go out to our awesome Retreat team of Tommy and Jamie S. They have worked countless hours to put together an unforgettable experience for us. So we will have to be patient and wait to experience their creativity until 2021.

So here are some of the things we can do during our In House Quilt Quarantine Retreat:
 Think about each other and pretend we are together.
 Work on projects intended.
 Have someone bring you meals (OK that may not work).
 Watch for a gift card drawing each day and clap for the winners.
 Do to the quarantine, only tell inside jokes.
 Bring your favorite drink into your quilt space.
 Be ready for a GREAT Show, tell and ask at our next meeting.

A note about the gift cards that were to be used as raffle gifts: These were purchased from Deb’s Quilt Basket, The Modern Sewist and Cotton Patch. While the shops would probably honor them next year, we have decided that winners would be encouraged to spend them as soon as possible, to support our beloved and generous local shops. Winners will be announced.

If you would like to have your retreat money held in our treasury and applied to next April, you need to do nothing, and your retreat registration will remain intact.
If you would like to have your payment returned, please contact Jamie Sculley at
KJSCULL@aol.com . She will record the information and forward it to our treasurer and she will issue checks to you.
Questions/Suggestions are valued so don’t hesitate to email at RNRYAN1646@icloud.com
Finally, Be Safe, 
Your SMQG Board