In Memory of Hilda Pruett
December 8, 1922 - August 14, 1923
From daughter Brenda:
SMQG, How very sweet of you! I wish my mother had not had such a profound hearing loss. It made it so difficult for her to really get to know you ladies. But I got to know you and all of you were so wonderful to her and to me.  Thank you for that! My mother’s love of quilting did finally inspire me to give it a try and I enjoyed our final months together as I helped her start and finish several quilts. Those are the ones I will especially treasure. At 100 years old, she was still quilting up to the last week before she passed. 

We filled the chapel with her quilts for the services and I got a couple of pictures early on before friends and family brought in even more to display. Her quilts eventually filled every available space, so it was very moving. 

Thank you for welcoming us both into your wonderful guild. You ladies really know how to rock some quilts! 

Christine Ravish

 Pat Hansen