Community Outreach

*quilts are collected all year for donations to our Charities. If you would like more information, to donate a quilt, or be a part of the Community Outreach  Committee please use the the contact form on this website.

Healthy Start Sarasota -

This program helps to provide each newborn in Sarasota County with a Healthy Start. Read more about Healthy Start Sarasota here.  We donated the Bonus Charity Quilt for their Fundraising Event on Jan 31, 2019. Carole Lyles Shaw also donated a stunning Americana quilt. Thank you for supporting this wonderful program.
Bonus Charity Quilt 2019

Sallie House

Each year the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild chooses a community outreach to receive quilts lovingly made by our members. Sallie House under the Salvation Army is a perfect match. We have donated over 50 quilts so that each child arriving will be able to choose their own to keep forever. This project is extended for another year.
   "The Sallie House Program is designed to be a safe haven for children ages birth to seventeen years who have been removed from their home because of abuse, neglect, abandonment or any situation that causes the home to be unsafe for the child."
Children may stay at Sallie House from one night to one year depending on whether they can be reunified with their parents, placed with relatives, placed in a foster home or adopted by a loving family. More information is on their website at Sallie House

On the Dec 2018 Distribution Day 38 children selected a quilt and immediately wrapped it around themselves. It is always amazing how quickly they select their quilt, whether its the color or texture, each knows the one for them.
Dec 2018 Distribution Day

wrapped in love

cape style

Superman Quilt!

Sallie House presentation Dec 2017
Sallie House Presentation 2017

Distribution Day
Sallie House Distribution

Children sign names on the quilts they chose
Sallie House Quilts

Days for Girls

Days for Girls volunteers and enterprises have reached more than ONE MILLION women and girls around the world —giving them back days of dignity, health, and opportunity through menstrual health solutions and education. 
"You feel free. You can go anywhere you want. You are comfortable…you can jump, run, do whatever you want to do.” – Rachel, Nairobi, Kenya, 3 years after receiving her DfG Kit
Days For Girls
More information is on their website at Days for Girls

Pulse - 


ALSO Youth - 

ALSO Youth

Female Veterans -

Donations to female Veterans

Heritage Health Center -

12 Quilts Donated
Heritage Health Center 

300 Pillowcase Dresses

Pillowcase Dresses